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February 22, 2004

Whitebox VIP Lounge XII

I'll be performing live video at the Whitebox VIP Lounge XII at the LAB on April 14th. Here's the press release:

Press Release for Lab Calendar, 02/19/04

Date: April 14th (Wed) 7:00pm ~ 11:00pm
Drum Machine Museum presents: Whitebox VIP Lounge ACT XII

MiBa - Audio
Spot - Visual

Joan Jeanrenaud & DJ Vordo - Audio
Scott Pagano - Visual

Installation by:
Maribeth Back
Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum

ACT XII: is the opening performance of Drum Machine Museum’s third year of “Whitebox VIP Lounge” live documentaries. This show will feature cellist Joan Jeanrenaud (Ex. Kronos Quartet) and DJ Vordo on their electronic set with computer video artist Scott Pagano as well as laptop electronic ensemble MiBa collaborating with computer video artist Spot. The event also be introducing interactive installations by Maribeth Back and Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum. There will also be retrospectives of the history of Whitebox VIP Lounge and its parent organization, Drum Machine Museum.

Whitebox VIP Lounge uses realtime production techniques to create unique, contemporary real-time documentaries of technologically oriented performers. As audio and visual artists collaborate onstage, their work is captured by a team of videographers. This media is mixed and projected during the show, functioning both as a reference to the collaboration being documented and as a performance in its own right.

More information on Whitebox VIP Lounge and Drum Machine Museum can be found at:
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