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May 02, 2004

zloblog copying my photos

I have noticed traffic from the zloblog into my photo pages. I took a look and sure enough he had copied my pictures into his blog... without giving me credit or linking to me! So where was the traffic coming from? I looked into his archives and found more of my images, some of which did have links. I couldn't find an email address for whoever runs this so I left a comment asking for attribution.

There are some other similar looking referrers that I can't get into:, Posted by spot at May 2, 2004 05:56 PM

so...I'm here, I left my thinkin'about this question in my blog,but I have so many things to you: 1) for first, I have to say that if you have more traffic, this it for the linkz I post in my blog to yours, so you accuse me for nothing,or maybe for one image that: 2)this image is only a not your own made, my crime is not to far from took the soul of a mask before me,I'm the witness of life, I don't make this for money, only I like the picture and I copy and paste like a Cut-up (do you know William Burroughs?) 3)if you want, I'm pleased to delete everything, I never want to make enemies that I can't see... 4) if you are not pleased for my work I'm sorry, but...what's the problem? I will fight all my life for a free internet for everybody...and if you are on-line you know your own hurts too much for you? 5)Can we be friends? or not...Excuse me Sir...but I'm not a Thief....I'm only a traveller... Zlob Posted by: zlob at May 3, 2004 12:35 PM
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