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January 29, 2005

Throttling Sheep

Back in November I started using the Coral Content Distribution Network to accelerate client downloads of MPG files from the sheep server. It's been working great. Recently Michael Freedman told me that the clients were downloading between 1 and 2 TeraBytes of data per day. Wow. That's 217,000 sheep per day. Since one sheep is born every 6 minutes then that's 240 per day. That means each sheep was downloaded 900 times, which corresponds pretty with the (measured rate of) 1400 unique IP addresses uploading frames per hour. Yea.

Times change though: Michael wrote his email to inform me that Coral was instituting a bandwidth cap at 250G per day. Unfortunately a bug in the windows client causes this to prevent it from downloading completely instead of just slowing it down. This is already fixed in v2.6 (not released) but for current users i'm trying to tweek the server as a work-around. It's not working yet but I am working on it.

thank you michael and coral! Posted by spot at January 29, 2005 08:17 PM

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