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May 13, 2005

sheep 2.6b3 for win32 and 2.6b7 for linux and flam3 2.6b1

new beta client for windows and linux, get em here.

New in this release: fixes to rendering algorithm, option to display on primary monitor only, more responsive on multi-cpu systems, increase default cache size, update about box.

the flam3 package now has 2.6b1 available for linux and windows. These are the render algorithm fixes mentioned above. changelog:

05/13/05 fix bug reported by erik reckase where fan variation could blow up to NaN because the domain of atan2 was not protected. remove protection from all atan2 calls and instead detect NaN results and replace them with noise. count really large values as bad too to prevent blowing up to infinity. enforce 0<=hue<1, release v2.6b1.

05/05/05 report choices made during genome generation in notes attribute. flam3_dimension no longer hangs when most of the attractor is outside the camera. limit number of variations produced by genetic operators to 5. reduce rate of interpolation method of crossover.

03/17/05 put cloning back in (found by James Rantanen).

Posted by spot at May 13, 2005 04:56 PM
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