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June 07, 2005

Mendocino National Forest

Mango Nick, Jamie, Catweasel, and I spent three nights on Rattlesnake Creek over Memorial Day Weekend. Our mission was to escape the crowds expected closer to the cities, and scout some pimp swimming holes. Photographs here. Posted by spot at June 7, 2005 01:54 PM
What the hell are pimp swimming holes? Posted by: Jim Hunter at June 11, 2005 11:59 AM
We loved Mendocino when went last fall. Been there twice and both times it reminded me a lot of the New England coastal towns near where I live. We didn't get to the Rattlesnake Creek area, though; kinda wish we had. Posted by: Boston's Hidden Restaurants at June 14, 2005 08:51 AM
How do you get to the large rock pictured in your album? I've camped at Rattlesnake before and have greatly enjoyed the chutes, crags and swimming holes of the upper part of the creek (near the designated campsite). But we hit an impasse in the way of a huge vertical drop not too far down. Without ropes and gear, there's no way I would attempt descending via the creek. Is there an easy to find our way to the spot pictured? Do we have to drive? It doesn't look as treacherous so I'm guessing it's much further downhill. I appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks, Brian in NorCal. Posted by: Brian at July 20, 2005 01:37 PM
did a google and some other search engines, but no result on your 'pimp swimming hole(s)'... still, funny concept. Posted by: Marine Engineers Beneficial at August 3, 2007 10:37 AM
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