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June 27, 2005

FLAM3 v2.6 final released

Download source and binaries here. Changes since v2.5:
06/27/05 in flam3_dimension, give up and return NaN if 90% or more of the samples are being clipped. release v2.6.

06/22/05 add envar to control the number of tries.

06/06/05 add new form of mutation that introduces post xforms.

05/20/05 fix memory trashing bug resulting from xform overflow. put regular xforms before symmetry in printed genomes. enforce weights non-negative & at least one xform. remove nan-protection from popcorn variation. truncate xforms with very small weight.

05/13/05 fix bug reported by erik reckase where fan variation could blow up to NaN because the domain of atan2 was not protected. remove protection from all atan2 calls and instead detect NaN results and replace them with noise. count really large values as bad too to prevent blowing up to infinity. enforce 0<=hue<1, release v2.6b1.

05/05/05 report choices made during genome generation in notes attribute. flam3_dimension no longer hangs when most of the attractor is outside the camera. limit number of variations produced by genetic operators to 5. reduce rate of interpolation method of crossover.

03/17/05 put cloning back in (found by James Rantanen).

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