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September 16, 2005

Interviewed by R.U. Sirius

I spent last Sunday afternoon 9/11/2005 chatting with R.U. Sirius, editor of Mondo 2000, for podcast on his show.

When I was a geeky young adult R.U. defined "out there" as the place to be. I idolized him and the whole Cyber California life from far away Pittsburgh and Providence. The past couple months I have been working very hard on hidef sheep. I finally had a demo working and I was excited to show it to R.U. and make my teacher proud. And I hoped to catch on the air his gasp of pleasure on seeing it :)

Well, the mp3 came out on the MondoGlobo Network, and there's a forum there where you can comment on it. I'll do my best to respond and I'll also try to fill in some of what I've realized too late I should have said. Yea, I was nervous. I was so nervous I forgot to show the demo. But the conversation was lively... And after the recording when I finally remembered to show the hidef sheep to R.U. and he said "wow that's beautiful", the microphones were long gone, but I won't forget it.

I had such a good time I've decided to come back for more: I'll be at the next NeoFiles Panel "Rant & Rave: Dance Culture -- Past, Present & Future" Sept 22nd in Mill Valley. And yes I'll have the hidef sheep with me and in full flock.

Final note: tonight the hidef sheep will be at Accelerating Change conference in Palo Alto (this is not a public event, you must register for the conference to attend).

And Saturday night: Sunrise set in the Taj Dome at Earthdance. Posted by spot at September 16, 2005 01:30 PM

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