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October 03, 2005

Fractal Patterns in People Magazine and the NYTimes

My pop culture mole pointed me at the last People Magazine which had a blurb about Threshold, the new show on CBS that has sheep in it (see previous mention). The review says
If you hear people discussing "fractal patterns", they've been watching Threshold.
And yesterday on the flight back from DC I read the Sunday NYTimes. Let me interject that it was actually quite hard to find the Times in Washington/Dulles Airport. The Post was on every corner, but I had to walk all over the terminal and check every shop to find my beloved rag. On the plane, each section was snapped up by passers-by as I finished it, and by the end of the flight I had a guy sitting with me and reading ahead of me. Anyway, there was a review of the show in the Arts section that included this line:
Sure enough, the extraterrestrial being pursued by the "Threshold" team isn't a bug-eyed little green man, but rather a mysterious signal that propagates itself through everyday technology - radios, computers, MP3 players - and creates chaos wherever it turns up.
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Could the sheep be the alien signal? Perhaps I am being confused by the ego signal, but it does appear I better watch this show. Anyone wanna send me a DVD? Between this, Serenity, and Blueberry I can't keep up. Posted by spot at October 3, 2005 12:28 PM
Don't bother with the show. It's very poorly acted, although the premise is good. I've been totally unimpressed so far - I just watch to see if there's a clip of sheep in the background. Posted by: Erik at October 5, 2005 08:30 AM
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