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December 27, 2005

yay :)

I love working with Dean because he sends me email like this:
our disk i/o is about a 3rd of the write traffic from last week... and the average wait per io is down from ~70ms to ~20ms. yay :)
Back in August 2005 the sheep network was rendering about 23 frames per minute. Now after the high definition pipeline has finally stabilized it's cranking out 220. Frames are about 240KBytes of JPEG each. The email refers to the latest in a long series of optimizations that have allowed twinlark to remain responsive not only to the sheep network but to its many other users.

Dean and I have an interesting division of labor in the server. I make the server slower by adding features, users, and render jobs. Dean notices performance sucks, profiles, and makes it not suck :) More often a programmer's territory is by file, module, or feature. When a programmer optimizes their own code their efforts are often misdirected by attachments. Worse is premature optimization. Our system avoids these problems because Dean doesn't even know I've done something except by its effects.

oh did i mention fixing crashed disks overnight on a weekend? amazing. can't wait for the next 10x. yay :) Posted by spot at December 27, 2005 01:51 AM

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