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December 27, 2005


Solar powered social insect robot kits.... for kids. Be sure to check out the videos:
What is a CYBUG?

The CYBUG SERIES is a new, exciting type of educational kit. It combined elements of electronics, robotics, mechanics, and biology in a unique and lovable form. It's instructional, very easy to build, and fun to customize. The instruction manual is easy to read, and describes how to solder, the function of each component, and the components function in the actual robot. These kits are intended for novice robotisists.

The operating CYBUG acts as a living organism, with behavior and instinct designed in it's circuitry. One of the most interesting characteristics of the CYBUG is it's ability to seek out it's own food source and energize itself. Just as a honeybee is attracted to a flower for it's nectar, the CYBUG is drawn to the light of the SUN-FLOWER, where it is provided with a meal of raw energy ( which it charges it's batteries with! )

The CYBUG is just one member of a new robotic eco-system which parallels nature in a unique and fascinating manner while educating it's owners in fundamentals of electronics, robotics, biology, and control systems. It is available either in kit form or with circuit board completed.

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