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June 30, 2006

Death & Rain #1 on Harmony Channel

The music-video Death & Rain by Kenji Williams and me is the #1 requested track on the free Video on Demand Harmony Channel, on Comcast. The track is from the SPOTWORKS DVD, and you can see sample clips on myspace.
from Kenji's newsletter: Beyond the 'kill your television' paradigm, Harmony Channel uses the TV; the most commonly available 'window to the world', to spread beauty and harmonic, elevating visual music to the masses. If a sane world kept the TV around, it would have content like Harmony Channel. I feel this is one big step forward in spreading a powerful, beautiful, evolutionary vibration to the masses, and we need YOUR HELP in letting the word out! I know how few of you on my list watch TV, so... pick up the phone, and CALL YOUR PARENTS and FRIENDS, and tell them to tune in! *Harmony is in Comcast's On Demand service (channel #1) under the MUSIC category - Comcast’s most popular On Demand category -- alongside Music Choice and MTV Harmony Channel is available in most major metropolitan areas of the USA, with greater coverage over the coming months. For the web and online store, check it out online: at Posted by spot at June 30, 2006 01:01 PM
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