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December 04, 2006

Sheep Seeks Bandwidth!

The Electric Sheep network is seeking bandwidth. If you can host 5mbps or more of http traffic (about 1.5TB/month), please contact spot at draves dot org. Paypal donations and bandwidth at discount prices are also much appreciated.

For almost three years (run by Tristan Horn and hosted at has provided the high bandwidth server used to seed the Coral CDN. I am profoundly grateful for this key piece of infrastructure. But Tris is moving on and we must find new benefactors. You would be thanked on the site and in my public presentations. I would also consider a more substantial sponsorship relationship.

Without this server the performance of the sheep network will be severely impaired. I cannot say for sure how badly or what counter-measures we'll be able to muster. We have until the end of the week. Thank you.

addendum: Yes, we are working on integrating bittorent, but so far not enough clients configure their firewalls for the swarm to be self-supporting. And the server we are losing also serves as a major seeder. Any help engineering this would also be appreciated!

second addendum: bandwidth found! Posted by spot at December 4, 2006 12:30 PM

Spot- have you checked into Their smallest package offers 2tb a month in bandwidth for under $10.00 a month, less if it's prepaid. Might drop them a line and see if they might do it comped, as they DO offer free hosting- Strictly Business package- to non profits and such. Details here Posted by: Steve Lareau at December 6, 2006 09:29 AM
Dreamhost is indeed awesome - I am a very happy customer. However, I do not believe you can run your own software that would run on any port other than the usual web ports. (I'm not exactly sure how the ES software transfers, but if it's not by HTTP then you might have a problem with DS) Posted by: Patrick Lucas at December 6, 2006 03:17 PM
One of you could do it for them on Dreamhost. He did note in his cry for help "5mbps or more of http traffic" .. NOTE HTTP Posted by: Jim Bob at December 7, 2006 01:12 PM
bandwith and would like to discuss to get this baby the attention it deserves let me know and Ill share and give with pleasdure Posted by: Charles at January 5, 2007 11:30 AM
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