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October 07, 2007

Electric Sheep Mac OSX client v2.6.9 released

get it here. release notes:
Version 2.6.9 updates by Jeff Sickel and spot

Principally supports having a cache directory that consists of subtrees from bittorrent downloads. Instructions for the torrent feed can be found at Just have your torrents moved into the cache directory on completion.

Cleaner loop selection instigated from commentary issued by: Michael Hohimer in Tom Lane in

Code base cleaned up in preparation for 2.7--much of the source closer to reference C code by Spot.

Animation frame selection now controlled by ScreenSaverView's -animateOneFrame method instead of using additional timers for MPEG2View's control.

Additional updates for Apple IR Remote.

Replaced CURLHandle with NSURLConnection api to support proxy configurations. Depending on your site configuration\ , you may need to add /System/Library/Frameworks/ScreenSaver.framework/Resources/ to your http\ proxy keychain.

Exposed a prior developer options from build 2.6.4 for saving generated flame frames. Settings can be found in the\ Desktop & Screen Saver preferences under "Render".

Added support for Apple's Remote on the new line of machines with the IR device. Code pulled from http://www.marti\ and supports:

- kRemoteButtonVolume_Plus votes 'yes'
- kRemoteButtonVolume_Minus votes 'no'
- kRemoteButtonMenu displays status
- kRemoteButtonMenu_Hold hides status

and when iTunes is enabled:
- kRemoteButtonPlay play/pause iTunes
- kRemoteButtonRight next track
- kRemoteButtonLeft previous track

Posted by spot at October 7, 2007 09:22 PM
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