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April 05, 2008

FLAM3 v2.7.11 released

Download FLAM3 v2.7.11 here. The big news is support for 64 bits per pixel (16 bits per channel), doubling the color resolution. That means 65536 shades of gray instead of 256. This is intended to support external Tone Mapping algorithms, perhaps with qtpfsgui. This may be more useful with a low gamma setting. Change-log entry:
Added 16 bit per channel support to PNG via bpc envar. isaac.h is now installed with the flam3 headers. Strip indexing now done with size_t's to fix bug in large images (thanks Paul). Progress callback now returns ETA, and per-thread verbose flag functionality fixed. Enumerated spatial filter types now used in flam3.h, taking the place of function pointers (simplifies the API). Fix bug by moving precalculation of variation variables to flam3_iterate (thanks david).
and thanks erik! :) Posted by spot at April 5, 2008 02:05 PM
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