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July 21, 2008

FLAM3 2.7.14 released

Download it here, src or windows binaries. Or better yet get binary packages for Ubuntu in our PPA.

The big news is we are using SVN now instead of CVS, so anyone who previously checked out source should start over. This is especially important because there was a rendering bug checked into the tip of CVS over the weekend that causes the frames to come out a little dark.


Add configuration option for atomic-ops. bug fix: do not truncate floating point palettes. new motion blur features: add temporal_filter_type, can be "box" (default) or "gaussian" or "exp". Temporal_filter_width and temporal_filter_exp are parms to it. 'blur' env var no longer used. Small bug fix: iteration count depends only on the size of the output image, not the padded image (the gutter). When interpolating, only do -pi/pi adjustment for non-asymmetric cases. Julian/juliascope variations use the alternate inverted identity for interpolation (reduces wedge effect). Add python script for regression and consistency checking.

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