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May 21, 2010

File Prix Lux: Vote for Us

Hello friends,

We've been nominated for a new art prize, "File Prix Lux". Besides the prestige, there is a cash award if we win, and it would sure help pay for the server bills (now running about $500/month). To vote for us:

First, click here. Enter your email address and select "Dreams in High Fidelity II" from the pop-up menu labeled "Work". Type in the security code and click the black box labeled "Vote". Pay no attention to the message "your vote was successfully registered"; this is not yet true.

Then, check your inbox or your spam box for the email titled "Vote Confirmation: Dreams in High Fidelity II". Click on the link to confirm your vote. Please note your vote does not count until you have clicked on this link.

Thank you. I am really excited to show the world what we can do! If you want to learn more about Dreams in High Fidelity, see here. Posted by spot at May 21, 2010 07:17 AM

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