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June 13, 2010

Show in Hungary

I just got back from a beautiful and too-short trip to Hungary to give a speech and install a show. The talk was at TEDx colocated with the show at 320°, an old bread factory being converted into a museum (the name refers to the temperature of baking bread). Two summers ago their inaugural show was work by Frank Gehry, last year was Chinese contemporary, and this year is "3 Color" which includes me, contemporary Mexican photography, and local posters.

The setup is impressive: 5 computers of "Dreams in High Fidelity" I and II driving 25 projectors spread over several rooms. The result is immersive and infinite, a changing world you can wander through, or just sit down and watch. While I was there I got a few pictures of it in action.

The show will stay up all summer, until the end of October in fact. The address is Somogyi u. 53. Siófok, Hungary, 8600

Many thanks to Peter, Mark, Laszlo, and the whole team! Posted by spot at June 13, 2010 10:28 AM

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