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July 06, 2010

Sheep in The Singularity is Near

Two weeks ago was the New York premier of The Singularity is Near at the Time Life building in midtown, sponsored by the World Technology Network.

It was an exciting night. Over a year ago I had provided some clips of Dreams in High Fidelity to Toshi Hoo, one of the directors of the film. I didn't know if they had made the final cut however, and Toshi didn't know either (he had left the project some time ago). I was going to watch the movie and find out.

But first there was was champagne to drink and Ray Kurzweil gave his usual lecture with dozens of graphs demonstrating exponential progress. I drank and watched nervously.

Finally the film played and right away I was relieved. There were the Electric Sheep on screen right at the beginning, visualizing the singularity with the lead actress. They appeared several times later, including at peak moments. And yes, we were listed in the credits. Yea!

Afterwards I got to meet Martine Rothblatt the Executive Producer and "coincidentally" a collector of my artwork. And she introduced me to Ray and I got to chat with him for the first time.

Alas with all the excitement I forgot to take a picture, so I can't prove anything. When the film comes out on DVD or I get another chance to see it, I'll be back with screenshots. Posted by spot at July 6, 2010 08:49 AM

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