The Information Society

Copyright does not scale.

Information is free!
The only question is:
are you?

... "Incentives" is merely a metaphor, and as a metaphor to describe human creative activity it's pretty crummy. I have said this before, but the better metaphor arose on the day Michael Faraday first noticed what happened when he wrapped a coil of wire around a magnet and spun the magnet. Current flows in such a wire, but we don't ask what the incentive is for the electrons to leave home. ... Moglen's Metaphorical Corollary to Faraday's Law says that if you wrap the Internet around every person on the planet and spin the planet, software flows in the network. It's an emergent property of connected human minds that they create things for one another's pleasure and to conquer their uneasy sense of being too alone.
Copyright is resistance in the circuit of mind. If the resistance goes to zero, perhaps the circuit will become super-conducting.

Your mind is made of chemicals and ideas. I strongly believe we all have a fundamental human right to think whatever thoughts we please. The current efforts by government and industry to prevent copying of software (in all its forms) will be the next war on drugs. The battleground is the same: your mind!

I believe the copyright and patent systems are harmful to society. Neither in practice nor in theory do they do the Right Thing. This web page explains why I believe this, and what we can do to rectify the situation.

I consider this an ultimate and utopian goal. Public policy today and how we should change it tomorrow is a different story. We may disagree on how far and how fast to go, but it's more important to agree on the direction. This page is part of my nascent political manifesto.

Many people agree with these ideas and have expressed them far better than I can, so first I include links and/or mirrors of their work:

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