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Central Park West. Note the numbers in the URLs of these photos: they are my first 'roll' with my new Canon SD300. I lost my trusty Sony P9 on the plane out and was dreading the prospect of either being cameraless for the park, or buying retail instead of used on ebay as is my habit. Luckily my fine friends and hosts Matthew and Doug pointed me at B&H. The shop is highly regimented and staffed completely by an army of Orthodox Jews in full regalia. I was directed to a sales consultant who helped me select the camera and several accessories. Instead of handing over the goods, he gave me a sheet of paper with a bar code. I followed lines taped to the floor to a cash register and payed. Meanwhile the camera was delivered via overhead basket conveyer to a final staffer near the exit. Alas I have no pictures of this process.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License by spot at draves dot org.