some of these images are of human nakedness. if you don't have a signed note from your local thought police, go away.

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Take One!

mostly 1000x1000, these average 117k each.

Fuse algorithm was inspired by the dissociated press, a form of text cutup, and Brian Yuzna's 1989 classic Society.

this section of this document contains some explanation of what they are and how they were made.

aandb: banana:

faces made out of eyes: and mouths:

eyes: faces: mouth:

heads: hands:

more sex:

my workspace at NTT-data:

terminator 2:

here are 12 (relatively) new ones (no thumbnails yet).

source code (for linux batch version) here, and gimp plugin here.

k.m.krebs excellent fuse images.

spot at draves dot org