more stuff

Two documents:
  1. the information society
  2. metaprogramming emergent graphics
  3. a hairy font
The rest of this is old and obscure, and provided for curiosity's sake only:
  1. quotes - signatures - bookmarks
  2. some info about how the locals use zephyr, essentially common instance names and conventions. also an early version of zephyr.el
  3. an essay about my research, my graphics, artificial life, philosophy, and lots of other bullshit. Note that this document is many years old.
  4. a working Go board applet in Java.
  5. if you're at CMU SCS and interested in using pgp, a public key cryptosystem, check this out.
  6. hypertext version of CMU SCS's Faculty Research Guide. this is out of date, sigh.
  7. R4RS
  8. Informing Ourselves to Death
  9. Perlis' Foreward to SICP
  10. Perlis' epigrams on programming
  11. Abelson's Foreward to EPL
  12. Graham's Preface to On Lisp
  13. Kay's Foreword to WWID

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License by spot at draves dot org.