Karma Moffett's Bells

There's a studio on 18th at Sanchez that has paintings of swirling clouds in the window. I have often stopped to admire them, but the door is always closed and there's no way to see into the studio so I never knew what was inside. I don't think I ever even tried the door. Well silly me.

Last tuesday at the video salon I met this charming character, Karma Moffett. He's a painter, musician, and sculptor and his studio is not only filled with his paintings but with the finest Himalayan antiques, mandalas, and musical instruments of many kinds. Especially bells and singing bowls. Apparently he has conducted ceremonial performances in his studio for the past 11 years, but now his landlord was kicking him out and this Saturday would be the last one. He gave me a CD of his music and I agreed to come and bring a DVD for trade. Well twist my arm.

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