FLAM3 Color Shifting

Here's a new experimental FLAM3 feature: color shifting. In the four images in the top row, the parameter is set from 0 (original, normal, unshifted) to 0.001, 0.01, and 0.04. Without color shifting this sheep, by Chris Ursitti, cannot be adjusted to use more of the palette. It is inherently almost monochrome because one of its xforms dominates in weight. So the color coordinate converges, and you get monochrome. But if you reduce the weight, the shape is ruined. The color shifter recognizes convergence and breaks it by shifting the palette as long as the coordinate remains fixed.

In the bottom row to be fair I went to the sheep server and of the top 5 sheep there was one that was monochrome, 3058. The left image is the original, the next is just adding color shifting and not making any other change. The two on the right side are examples of changing the palette and other parameters and using color shifting.

This hack is only a few lines of code in flam3.c and is checked into CVS.

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