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August 03, 2004

spotworks reviewed by en'trance magazine

SPOTWORKS reviewed in the August 2004 issue of en'trance magazine:
If you're looking for a new DVD full of mind-blowing visuals to play at your next party, or just to go on a personal journey with, check out Spotworks. This is a highly impressive collection put together by Spot Draves, VJ and Software Artist from San Francisco. Not only is it altogether different and unique from the usual visuals produced these days, there is an element of brilliance with these images, as Spotworks has succeeded in creating a new breed of electronic life form. The DVD consists of 5 spectacular pieces, my favourites being the Black and White Dub sections, where Spot has employed the artwork of Ernst Haeckel, and takes you on a mind bending spiralling journey into a strangely familiar world of creatures and life forms. Simple yet complex, you'll have your eyes glued to the screen as the hypnotic journey unfolds. The soundtrack is also worth a mention, featuring the likes of ABA Structure and other talented producers to add to the journey through this strange and wonderful world. The DVD also features Electric Sheep, a collaborative visual project seeded by Spot, involving thousands of participants' work via one website. Imagine images tweaked and developed by thousands of people, and put into one piece, and you've got Electric Sheep---artificial life forms created by many "Shepherds", as Spot would call them. Mind bending and highly intelligent mesmerising stuff, I'd encourage anyone into pushing the boundaries of graphic art/design to check out what Spot Draves has been up to. This is cutting edge and futuristic stuff bound to blow your mind.

Becca Dakini
musiceditor at

Wow, thank you Becca! Posted by spot at August 3, 2004 02:53 PM
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