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July 24, 2012

Vida Interview

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July 20, 2012

Electric Sheep for Android wins ZKM App Art Award

I am pleased to report the Electric Sheep for Android has won a ZKM App Art Award for "Cloud Art". I was just in Germany for the award ceremony (see 1:11:30 in the video). ZKM is an amazing and huge institution and I was truly honored to be there. Thank you to the judges and sponsors.

We have gotten some good press in Germany I did 3 for radio and 2 for tv. Here's an article in Spiegel Online and on the air by DW.

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Interactive Video for Skrillex etc

I made the interactive video website for the Full Flex Express, a group of bands on a train-tour across Canada. Skrillex, Pretty Lights, Diplo, Grimes, Koan Sound, and Tokimonsta are all in the mix. The software is based on the Video Riot that I made some time ago and released as open source. It implements video feedback in WebGL using the shading language.
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July 15, 2012

Interview in Art in Odd Places Blog

Art in Odd Places blog just published a nice interview of me. These aren't the usual canned questions but some really probing conversation. Plus they sprinkled it with a bunch of sheep images of their own choosing (and they chose well).
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May 31, 2012

Museum Acquisition

Showing vision and leadership in their recognition of the nature and value of open source and art algorithms, MEIAC (the Museum of Contemporary Art of Western Spain) acquired the source code and documentation for my Flame Algorithm -- both the first release in 1992 and a current version for their permanent collection.
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May 17, 2012

Lichströme Photo

public projection of Dreams in High Fidelity every night in Germany on the Rhine at the LICHTSTROEME show, photo by Jennifer Braun
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April 20, 2012

Electric Sheep Live Wallpaper for Android App released

Electric Sheep live wallpaper app for android now available!

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April 14, 2012


Lichströme or "Lightstreams".

At night during the federal horticultural show in Koblenz Germany on the banks for the Rhine, May 11th to 20th, 2012, daily from 21.30pm to midnight there's an show of large-scale outdoor projected art: Lichströme. It will include "Dreams in High Fidelity II" by me and the Electric Sheep. "Art Forms in Nature" is curated by Bettina Pelz and Tom Groll and includes works by:

Casa Magica
Catherine Chalmers
Scott Draves
Hartung + Trenz
Dominik Busch
Edwin van der Heide
Norimichi Hirakawa

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