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August 05, 2006

Sheep Seed Thing

Dean wrote the Sheep Seed Thing to allow any server to contribute bandwidth to the distribution of sheep. It's running on ethereal which already donates a lot of bandwidth to the sheep project. It's packaged as a unix daemon with an "rc start/stop" style interface, so you can run it from cron totally automatically. It reads the RSS feed and downloads all torrents with the python bittorrent client. It also depends on wget but not on any perl modules. You will need to customize this code... Feedback welcome. You can email dean directly, or comment below.

I think with a few hacks you should also be able to run this to fetch sheep for your client if you have linux, instead of running azureus. Posted by spot at August 5, 2006 05:28 PM

i ended up needing to use a few perl modules in sheep-seed-thing... but they're all pretty standard. (Fcntl, File::Temp and LWP). if you downloaded an earlier version you may want to grab it again. -dean Posted by: dean at August 21, 2006 12:28 AM
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