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February 27, 2004

flame 1.9 released

Biggest improvements are support for PNG and the alpha channel and nstrips computed automatically on windows. Get it here. The full changelog entry:

remove prefix argument to print_control_point, and add extra_attributes. allow any value for vibrancy parameter. allow variation blending coefs to have any values. do not normalize them. on windows nstrips is computated automatically to fit within memory (leaves at least 20% unused). support png image format and if output is png then compute & output alpha channel. release as v1.9.

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February 26, 2004

flame in dell commercial

When I go to the gym I watch TV while I use the cardio machines. Today I was watching CNN and saw a Dell commercial. An animated fractal flame was full-screen for about half its duration in the background, but sometimes solo. It was a soft blue horseshoe variation.
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February 24, 2004

ACA Media Arts Festival

Electric Sheep received a Jury Recommendation at the Japan Media Arts Festival taking place next week at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography.
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February 23, 2004

The Tree of Life

Thau pointed me at this representation of the phylogenetic tree of 3000 species by David Hillis. He said they had a big print-out up on the wall at the All Species Foundation. Cooooool! Now if we could just get an image of each of those creatures into the tree.....
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gray tuesday

My web sites are gray on tuesday.
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The Dreems exquisite corpse, found on
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February 22, 2004

bianca's 10th birthday

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Whitebox VIP Lounge XII

I'll be performing live video at the Whitebox VIP Lounge XII at the LAB on April 14th. Here's the press release:

Press Release for Lab Calendar, 02/19/04

Date: April 14th (Wed) 7:00pm ~ 11:00pm
Drum Machine Museum presents: Whitebox VIP Lounge ACT XII

MiBa - Audio
Spot - Visual

Joan Jeanrenaud & DJ Vordo - Audio
Scott Pagano - Visual

Installation by:
Maribeth Back
Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum

ACT XII: is the opening performance of Drum Machine Museum’s third year of “Whitebox VIP Lounge” live documentaries. This show will feature cellist Joan Jeanrenaud (Ex. Kronos Quartet) and DJ Vordo on their electronic set with computer video artist Scott Pagano as well as laptop electronic ensemble MiBa collaborating with computer video artist Spot. The event also be introducing interactive installations by Maribeth Back and Dr. Aaron Wolf Baum. There will also be retrospectives of the history of Whitebox VIP Lounge and its parent organization, Drum Machine Museum.

Whitebox VIP Lounge uses realtime production techniques to create unique, contemporary real-time documentaries of technologically oriented performers. As audio and visual artists collaborate onstage, their work is captured by a team of videographers. This media is mixed and projected during the show, functioning both as a reference to the collaboration being documented and as a performance in its own right.

More information on Whitebox VIP Lounge and Drum Machine Museum can be found at:

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tracking parentage

The sheep server now records the parentage of each sheep in its genome. Jonathan Schull who studies evolutionary trees and saw my talk at etech was dismayed that I wasn't preserving this data. Me Culpa Me Culpa. Now it does.

It should also periodically record the genome and ratings of the entire flock. Maybe later. But I'm not that motivated to work on code that I am also working on obsoleting....

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February 17, 2004


Santorum. heh. What's truly grand is that this site outranks the good senator's own home page on google. heh. now that's justice.
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February 16, 2004

ConCon tonight at Rx Gallery

I'm going to give a demo of the SPOTWORKS DVD tonight at the Rx Gallery, located at 132 Eddy Street @ Mason. A bunch of people from etcon and codecon are going to be showing their warez, including Cory Doctorow. Show starts at 7pm, $5 suggested donation.
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February 10, 2004


Well it seems i am missing the fun so i've bumped up my flight. Should be at etcon2004 on wednesday morning. That prolly scuttles my plans for additional footage for my presentation on electric sheep thursday, but whatever. It was a fantasy anyway.

This post is also a test of technorati xml-rpc.

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February 05, 2004

sheep v1.2 for windows released

Nick fixed the video tearing bug, and with the help of Ben Forsyth he fixed a bug in multimon support (it wasn't working for ben). The video looks a lot more solid to me, I'm way psyched about this release. Get it at the usual location.
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February 02, 2004

Red, White, and Blue

Photo taken on New Year's Day, 2003:
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February 01, 2004

flame 1.8 released

I just released version 1.8 of the command line version of the fractal flame tools. Download source tarball and windows binaries here. This adds a new variation called julia that produces generalized julia set forms. And it restores the bent variation that I took out a long time ago (some apophysis users said they liked it). Perhaps most important it supports the special handling of colors for symmetry transforms to prevent the colors from washing out. And this time the windows binaries were compiled with optimized settings which makes them about twice as fast. oops :) I also substantially increased the amount of documentation.
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