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March 29, 2004


SPOTWORKS is now being distributed by Microcinema and you can buy it from their website. Thanks Joel!
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March 28, 2004

flame 1.13 released

get it here. the changelog:

fix bug interpolating between flames with different numbers of xforms introduced by the new de/parsing. add modified version of the popcorn variation from apophysis. fix small bug in waves variation. make distribution of variations even. add altivec code from R.J. Berry of release as v1.13.

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March 26, 2004

flame 1.12 released

get it here. the changelog:

two new variations (waves and fisheye), negative variational coefs, filter width is not truncated to an integer, variations print by name instead of using a vector, that is say spherical="1" instead of var="0 0 1" or var1="2". it should still read the old format.

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March 24, 2004

speaking at dorkbot

I will be speaking about bomb on April 7th at dorkbot at the RxGallery. Rudy Rucker has top-billing for the event and it's an honor to be speaking with him. Thanks Karen!
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March 23, 2004

release party invitation



	        o  SPOTWORKS  o



	    the evolution of visuals
	       DVD release party

      wednesday march 31st 7pm-2am StudioZ
       314 11th st @ folsom san francisco
      415.252.7666 21+ w/ID
		 free admission

   featuring the soundz of Spool, jhno, mbb,
   dj vordo, and Kenji Williams/ABA Structure

	       ammon - rhythm society
	 rhythmystic - groove garden
	      shanti - rhythm society
		phil - vibrant

		max + vj Science
	   okeanos visual immersions
	    videojon - infinite kaos

		     o o o

A special autographed edition of the DVD will be
for sale at a discount at the party.  On it you
will find 87 minutes of hypnotic retinal bliss
by San Francisco VJ and software artist Spot,
a.k.a. Scott Draves.  Five video tracks sync
with electronic music by jhno, Spool, dj vordo,
and mbb. Three more tracks sync with music by
trance sensation ABA Structure, including an
original track not released elsewhere.  Plus,
three documentaries explain how the graphics
were made and what it all means.  See Electric
Sheep, Dub Visuals, and Bomb.  Includes looping
tracks with solid backgrounds for use by VJs.

		     o o o

This isn't just tripppy wallpaper---it's not
even just art. This is garage-band artificial
life. Draves is cooking up a new species made of
code, decisions and cooperation, and this disc
is a petri dish swimming with the organisms that
deserve to succeed us here on Earth. I for one
welcome our new a-life masters. --Cory Doctorow,
Author of Eastern Standard Tribe and co-editor
of Boing Boing (

		     o o o

With the spiked eye candy and fractal arabesques
of Spotworks, Scott Draves has significantly
raised the bar on digital psychedelia and the
broader category of abstract animation. His
electric sheep are the fluttering Gaian spawn of
networked computers and genetic algorithms,
while his visual 'dubs' of Ernst Haeckel's
fin-de-siecle scientific lithographs add a
resonant historical dimension to trippy
visuals. Mind-melting stuff, and refreshingly
devoid of the usual fungal kitsch. --Erik Davis,
author of Techgnosis and contributing writer to
Wired Magazine (


		     o o o


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i quit

I quit my day-job with PDI aka Dreamworks so I can concentrate on my art fulltime. Thanks to the corp for letting me out of the evil contract. Please don't let me ever sign a 3.5 year contract again.
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March 22, 2004

sheep at bitsplitters

My friend Chun Lee is organizing a visual & sonic art exhibition this Friday in London called BIT splitters. He kindly choose to include a live Electric Sheep installation. Better yet, the SPOTWORKS DVD will be for sale at the event.
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March 18, 2004

Whitelaw's Metacreation

I just received my copy of Metacreation: Art and Artificial Life by Mitchell Whitelaw, published by the MIT Press. This looks like a refreshingly no-nonsense history and explanation of the field. Excellent!

One of my fractal flame images is on the back cover, and there's a five-page section about my work in the chapter on Abstract Machines.

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The DVDs are sitting in my bedroom.
The flyers are printed.
The ecommerce site is up.
The club is booked.
The home page is finished.

The game is on!

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March 12, 2004

sheep in japanese linux magazine

There's a one-page spread in the Japanese Linux Magazine 2004 issue 4 on electric sheep including two color pictures.
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March 10, 2004

The DVDs arrived!

SPOTWORKS has arrived. The release party is Wednesday, March 31st, mark you calendars! Yea!!!
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March 07, 2004


At noon on March 3rd, there were 500 sheep clients simultaneously rendering frames. That's a new high water mark. Woohoo! The truth is though because of the timeout bug the server is pretty much maxed out. The good news is the new version kicks ass, and will be released Real Soon Now.
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flame 1.11 released

flame 1.11 released, get it here. This fixes a bug interpolating between symmetries.
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March 05, 2004

siggraph artshow

My proposal for an Electric Sheep installation at the SIGGRAPH art show was accepted!
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March 03, 2004

flame 1.10 released

This is a relatively minor release. get it here. the changelog:

add new means of crossover: a random point between the parents as defined by linear interpolation. in all kinds of crossover, reset the color coordinates to make sure they are spread out well. somehow lost part of the extra_attributes patch, so put it in again. add pixel_aspect_ratio envar. decrease filter cutoff threshold. the edges of the filter were almost zeros, so making the filter smaller saves time with almost no effect on the results. don't print out the attributes of control points that have default values. release as v1.10.

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