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October 30, 2004

Knot Plot

Fascinating program to uh, plot knots! You can define knots symbolically and knotplot builds a 3d model and uses energy minimization to come up with a decent visualization. Tons of pictures and movies on the web side; includes source code!

be sure to reload the page and see the title-image change.

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October 28, 2004

FLAM3 v2.0.1 released

the fractal flame code is now a proper library and module, henceforth known by the unix name "flam3", like the website. v2.0.1 is available here.

the changelog entry:

10/28/04 renaming, cleanup, and modularization. now exports libflam3.a and flam3.h, all names prefixed with flam3_. binaries named with flam3- prefix, genome files use flam3 suffix. create and install a flam3.pc pkg-config file.
next i'll make electric sheep link with this instead of its own copy....

the library should allow the GIMP to pick up the latest version.

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October 23, 2004


Glenn Marshall has just made a music-video Beginningless for Ninja Tune using fractal flames. Can't wait to see it! His other work looks fantastic.

Update: the link to the forum is dead, you can view the video here.

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October 19, 2004

review: infinity in a grain of pixels

this appeared unsolicited on my amazon page:
Infinity in a grain of pixels. Christopher Carneal (Los Angeles, August 17, 2004)

Admittedly I was in an induced "receptive" state of consciousness while viewing this DVD, but I don't think that condition invalidates my amazement with these motion graphics. Unlike most computer aided animation, these pieces feel like they could be timeless. As an animator myself, my impression of the first minute or so was cynical and critical and then I "got it". Whatever you get out of viewing this depends on how much attention you pay to the details it triggers in your imagination. If you patiently allow these visuals to unfold (because some are really slow), it can be like kinetic meditation.

Well worth the price and certainly worth supporting the hours of work it must have taken to create this art.

Thank you Chris for such eloquence!
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October 17, 2004

upcoming events: Techno Cosmic Mass, Synergenesis, Green Festival, Accelerating Change

I will perform live video at a special Techno Cosmic Mass with Ralph Abraham on Sunday October 24th 4:00-6:30pm in the Historic Sweets Ballroom.

And at Synergenesis at Cellspace on Saturday November 6 I'll be speaking about Electric Sheep after Robert Venosa, and hopefully doing live video for the dance party that night.

Also on the 6th at 5:30pm I'll present at the Green Festival, located in Room 2 of the San Francisco Concourse at 8th & Brannan St.

Finally, I'm going to give my schtick at the Accelerating Change conference at Stanford on the evening of Friday November 5.

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October 13, 2004

access stats

A few stats on accesses to my web pages. These are per day averages of September:

photographs from my gallery: 1743
blog home: 299
spotworks home: 137
electric sheep home: 1169

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Besides the many nice color photomicrographs of snowflakes this site has a wealth of information about how snowflakes are formed, why their designs are symmetric and unique, how they are synthesized, and the history of snowflake science. Too bad the images aren't legal!
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October 10, 2004

The Buddhabrot

Behold the Buddhabrot, a beautiful alteration of the Mandlebrot set that makes it smokey and organic with just a taste of crystal. The color-as-nebula trick works like a charm too.
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October 07, 2004

New Burning Man Movie

This one looks pretty cool: Burning Man: Beyond Black Rock.
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Invoke Fear

and keep america safe. best ever cutup of the GOP convention. from biomorphica.
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October 06, 2004


This is too weird to pass up: Starsheep - the magazine of speculative sheep. From their page:
Welcome, sheep lover. Don't be sheepish -- Starsheep is a new magazine for people just like you. We plan to be the ultimate source of speculative fiction stories that involve sheep. Our first issue is planned for March 31st, 2002, and will be published right here, on this web site. Until that day, we plan to gather sheep materials to fill this place, so don't hesitate to send yours.
from TM.
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October 05, 2004

sheep at cimatics

The updated 2004 version of the Electric Sheep video documentary will be screened at Cimatics, the Brussels International Festival for Live Audio Visual Arts & Vj'ing, 25 - 31 October 2004. A DVD of recent sheep will also be exhibited by Jerome Decock.
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October 01, 2004

in LA next weekend

Saturday October 9th I have two events in LA. In the evening it's Socal Dorkbot at Flash Film Works, and at night Red Alert at the Sunset Art Park. Will also be at Synapse on Monday @ Monroe's 8623 Melrose at Huntly 9 - 1 (not official yet).
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Anya is Born

Our fifth niece is Anya, Curtis and Pato's first child. mazel tov!
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