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August 30, 2005

Love Machine

A quick pre-announcement of the unofficial Love Parade afterparty: Love Machine. I'll be sharing the screens with my talented loftmate Mickey T and a host of Bay Area VJ favorites. Oh and there's music too ;)
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August 26, 2005


In Utah lask week a big legal outdoor party was busted hard by cops in military outfits. dailykos, wmv, mov, and a clip from the news... ram.

The police claimed it was not permitted but the promoters have rebutted this claim. They have a web site up to coordinate collecting evidence for a lawsuit against the cops, and to put out their side of the story.

This comes on the heals of a big bad bust in Czech Republic: forum, news, pix, more, ew, indymedia.

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August 24, 2005

Art et Biotechnologies

The University of Quebec Press has just published a book edited by Louise Poissant and Ernestine Daubner Art et Biotechnologies. It comes with a DVD-ROM that includes a bunch of flame and sheep images and animations, and some essays about my artwork. It even has the source code and windows executable for my old project Bomb. I double clicked and it ran. Kudos to MS on that.
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August 17, 2005

Colorado Pix

Five days in Denver and Boulder.
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August 10, 2005

Loft-warming / God is on Our Side

from the SPOTWORKS events list:

i've just moved into a fantastic new loft collective and i'd like you to help me consecrate it by coming over and having a really really really good time.



* the world premiere of the loft's own PVC DAY PLANNER (experimental live PA)
* visuals by Mickey T and the loft's recent addition, SPOT (
* FOREST GREEN (Sister SF) with techno, electro, breaks
* DROP (Ambient Mafia) giving the hip hop faithful something to shout about
* EL JUAN HUBBARD (Hijinks) rolling out Ragga and DnB
* AMMON spinning Brazilian and Dub

142 Taylor is between Turk & Eddy, right next to Original Joe's restaurant.

This day in history...
* August 12th, 1966: John Lennon announces that the Beatles are "more popular than Jesus." (What a dick.)
* 1953: The USSR detonates its first hydrogen bomb. (Even bigger dicks.)
* 1099: First Crusade: Battle of Ascalon - Crusaders defeat Saracens and the Kingdom of Jerusalem is established under Godfrey of Bouillon. (That's what we're talking about!)

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windows client v2.6.5 released

get it here as usual.

Note: The previous MS Windows versions' uninstall command has a dangerous bug, see the release notes.

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