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February 21, 2007

windows beta client v2.6.7b3 released

Get it here:
Added upnp client, Limit curl retry delay to 1024 seconds, Cleaned up resolution change routines, Limited accounts have full permissions to all registry entries, Added "Basic" and "Advanced" configuration tabs, Added server configuration option, Added configuration option to render using all processor cores, Added max half-open connections configuration option.
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February 09, 2007

FLAM3 v2.7.2 released

FLAM3 v2.7.2 has been released. Download it here. Changelog:
use isaac random number generator to avoid differences between mac/pc/linux. use multiple threads to take advantage of multiple CPUs or cores. new variations: disc2, Arch, Tangent, Square, Rays, Blade, Secant, Twintrian, Cross. fixed bug reading hex color format - must remove \n prior to start of colors if present. use EPS in spiral, hyperbolic and spherical to eliminate black spots. fix numbering of disc2, change parameter to estimate_bounding_box. made blur kernel type templatable. removed extraneous 'enabled="1"' in writing out final xform information (no longer needed). release 2.7.2.
thanks to erik for the heavy lifting as usual. thanks to Gygrazok for the new variations.
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February 02, 2007

Grand Space and CoSM Pix

Grand Space and CoSM.


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February 01, 2007

Importing addresses into a Sidekick

A couple of weeks ago I got a sidekick after my old flip phone finally broke in half. Unfortunately the SIM card was unreadable and I lost my address book! Fortunately the sidekick has a web interface into which one can import an address book from a PC, and I have most of the important records in my Thunderbird address book. Unfortunately, the sidekick only supports syncing with Outlook on Windows. It doesn't support LDAP, which Thunderbird can export to, or vCARD. But the web interface does allow importing simple CSV format. So I wrote a python program to translate LDIF (the name of the file format used by LDAP) to the right CSV. It should run on Mac OS X, but I did it on Linux. It uses the python-ldap which was preinstalled. Here it is under GPL. Run it on the command line like "ldif2csv < infile.ldif > outfile.csv" and then upload outfile.csv to your Desktop. This was really quicky-minimal if you find it lacking let me know.
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