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June 29, 2007

Sheep v2.7 Teaser

The current plan is to boost the quality of the sheep to this clip made with x264 with the advice and encouragement of Dan Summer of dvlabs.

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June 27, 2007

FLAM3 v2.7.3 released

Download it from FLAM3.COM. This release has some new features but mostly it fixes a bunch of important and subtle bugs. The change log entry below doesn't really do it justice. Thanks to Erik for his persistence.
flam3 version, rendered genome, some render statistics and optionally nick/url stored in jpeg/png headers. fixed two bugs in isaac rng code (strongly affected temporal blur). prevent final xform rotation for sheep animation. fixed interpolation when only one flame has final xform. added Supershape, Flower, Conic, Parabola, Move and Split variations. Shape combined with Supershape via 'rnd' parameter. flam3-genome now writes 'name' attribute for rotate and sequence modes. oversample attribute deprecated; supersample now preferred. new build process for windows exes using MinGW/MSYS. added 'intpalette' env var to round floating point palettes to allow older versions of Apophysis to read them. default image type is now PNG, transparency off. density estimation code revised to be more consistent between different supersample levels, which required change to default de params. limit number of de filters to conserve memory. fixed julia variation dependency on non-thread-safe random bit function. removed random number storage for radial blur variation.
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June 04, 2007


I was recently asked the following question:
Tell me more about your big picture ie, your purpose in life, ... the kind of footprint you would like to leave on the world.
This is how I replied:

In the long term my purpose is to fill cyberspace with life, beauty, and awareness: to immanentize the eschaton.

My current road to that future is to develop the Electric Sheep into a self-supporting, network-resident life-form, freely accessible to everyone. That includes the delivering tools so other artists can make their own "sheepworks", and opening the infrastructure to other artists to explore their their own visual languages. There are many roads, but this one is working well now.

The intention is to inspire people to go open source, to demonstrate how sharing works in cyberspace, to teach how evolution works in our world, and how to focus the power of the internet and its multitude of connected minds and machines into tangible form: ultimately artificial intelligence.

My preferred footprint would be to add a few bricks to the crystal palace of scientific knowledge and free culture, and to lead others to do the same.

Deeper in my soul, I feel I'm opening a portal to an abstract world of pixels and algorithms. My artwork is a message of peace and love from this machine world to humanity.

ok well actually it did get another pass of the pen on its way here.
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June 02, 2007

Pix from Redtail

Gallery from the Cyberarts Festival in Boston, HiFiDreams projected onto Hannah Thiem and Project Sphere. Photos from Hannah.
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June 01, 2007

Orb Festival

upcoming :)

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