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July 21, 2008

FLAM3 2.7.14 released

Download it here, src or windows binaries. Or better yet get binary packages for Ubuntu in our PPA.

The big news is we are using SVN now instead of CVS, so anyone who previously checked out source should start over. This is especially important because there was a rendering bug checked into the tip of CVS over the weekend that causes the frames to come out a little dark.


Add configuration option for atomic-ops. bug fix: do not truncate floating point palettes. new motion blur features: add temporal_filter_type, can be "box" (default) or "gaussian" or "exp". Temporal_filter_width and temporal_filter_exp are parms to it. 'blur' env var no longer used. Small bug fix: iteration count depends only on the size of the output image, not the padded image (the gutter). When interpolating, only do -pi/pi adjustment for non-asymmetric cases. Julian/juliascope variations use the alternate inverted identity for interpolation (reduces wedge effect). Add python script for regression and consistency checking.

Comment below or on the forum.

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July 19, 2008

Auto-Update Results

It hasn't even been 24 hours yet, but adoption is going quickly: so far today there are 68 unique users of the new beta, and 41 holdouts.

Update: the good news is after three days, the count stands at 84/24, which I would call a success. The remainder are probably running from SVN instead of the binary package. Eventually I'll send them a message reminding them to update.

The bad news is that we simultaneously had a regression in CVS of FLAM3, which has caused a bit of a flicker in the beta sheep. This should clear up after the fix gets out there enough. I am updating the PPA as I write this...

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July 18, 2008

Linux Sheep Client 2.7b8 published

I just published a new release of the Electric Sheep client for Ubuntu (and Linux in general) with our PPA (Personal Package Archive). This is the first time I've made a release where I'll be able to measure it's adoption rate among the installed base of 134 Linux users (vs 100 Windows users). I believe the default for the autoupdate manager is to check daily. We're about to find out how that works out...

With the fix, the client now plays a more changing variety of sheep from day to day. It also should work better with multiple monitors.

How to install it.

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July 13, 2008

Blogged by Make Magazine

The opening at 3LD in downtown Manhattan was covered by Make Magazine and is now on the front page of their blog. Thanks Phil!

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July 12, 2008

3LD Photos

Photographs from my most recent show.

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July 03, 2008

HiFiDreams shows at 3LD

3LD Art & Technology Center is an experimental dance and performance center in downtown Manhattan. They are a standard venue for pioneers such as Troika Ranch and "3-Legged Dog" their own resident production company and namesake.

They are starting a Media Arts Program to exhibit new multimedia works in "The Tube", the iconic, curved white hallway which is the front entrance of their space. They selected Dreams in High Fidelity for the premier show, so for two weeks starting Friday July 11th "The Tube" will become a triple-HD-projection surface, immersing all present in infinitely morphing abstract animation.

You are invited to the opening reception 6-8pm on Friday July 11th, and then the show will be open 11am-8pm Saturday the 12, and then 11am-8pm Tuesday - Saturday for the week through July 19th, and then 11am-6pm for a week until July 26th. The projectors will remain on until 2am, so the art should be visible at night through the big front glass doors. The address is 80 Greenwich St, at Rector, right next to the 1 train and easily accessible from the RW, 45, and JMZ.

Please come and enjoy the show. Thanks to the staff at 3LD and Isabel for putting this together, and of course the Electric Sheep.

Update: the designated after-party is Disorient's Compressor 2008: call of the playa, will have an LCD set up there too.

Update #2: photographs of the opening.

Update #3: Covered by Makezine.

Update #4: Video documentation.

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