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November 12, 2008

FLAM3 2.7.17 released

Get the latest here. Should appear in the PPA soon. The change-log:
Add error checking on the numbers in the input genome. Do not exit on read errors, fail gracefully. Changed sin/cos = tan in the tangent variation. Added polar to list of variations that use the inverted linear identity. Bugfix: temporal_filter_exp was not set properly in template. Apply interpolation attribute in templates. Add/publish datarootdir with pkg-config so the palette file is easy to find (for qosmic). Copyright by Spotworks LLC instead of Spot and Erik. Add fuzz checks to the regression suite. include LNX/OSX/WIN in the version string. In flam3-genome animate command, added one to last flame time, so the end time is inclusive.
comment on the forum.
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November 10, 2008

Generativa in Brazil Teaser

The web site and proper photo documentation isn't ready yet, but I finally have the first taste of a big public show from last month in São Paulo, Brazil. It's called Generativa and the Electric Sheep were shown on a big screen at SESC Paulista, a public art space downtown. I'll post more information as I get it...
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November 06, 2008

New Electric Sheep Mascot and Logo

As version 2.7 of the Electric Sheep approaches everything is getting redone and we are going pro. And in that spirit I hired a fantastic artist to create a new mascot and logo for the project. The results are on the right, and I couldn't be more pleased.

I met Laura Cesari aka Caballera since she's a sheep designer. Her more traditional graphic design skills came to my attention through a Firefox theme that she made that used a sheep as its throbber. I described to her what we needed, and she agreed to the gig.

She then produced a bunch of sketches, I picked my favorite, and after a bit of back-and-forth I had the line-art for the design on the right in my inbox. The whole process was quick and painless, and the price was right. Highly recommended.

The logo as line art in SVG format.

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Video Posted from UIUC ACM Lecture

As reported a month ago I gave an invited lecture at the UIUC ACM's annual student conference. The talk was filmed, and the video is now available for download from their site along with most of the other speakers, which is great because I missed many of them at the time since I was so engaged face to face. Thanks again ACM!
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