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September 27, 2010

Electric Sheep artwork on 2nd largest LED wall in Europe!

Electric Sheep artwork on 2nd largest LED wall in Europe! Thanks to the Streaming Museum.

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September 08, 2010

Hawking used Flame for Book Cover Art

Stephen Hawking's new (and #1 selling on Amazon) book used a Flame image as its primary design element. Flame is Open Source (see this documentary on YouTube) and the basis for the Electric Sheep collective/evolving screen-saver. You can download software and design your own Flames.

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September 03, 2010

Published by Siggraph Quarterly

The Siggraph Quarterly published The Flame Algorithm and its Open Source Culture in Volume 44 Number 3, by Isabel and me.

It's a more abstract (more text and ideas, less pictures and examples) companion to the video documentary.

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Gnomedex Wrapup

I had a fantastic time at Gnomedex. The speakers were interesting and diverse, and my talk got a warm reception. We were treated well by the staff, and the whole event ran smoothly. Congrats to Chris, Imei, Kat and the the whole team!

The connections made there are still resonating. And I still have a pile of follow-up emails to send!

You may watch my presentation on YouTube. It made it on several "best of" lists including David Spark's who also interviewed me for Dice News, and Frank Catalano's on TechFlash.

photo by (cc) Kenneth Yeung -

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