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May 22, 2011

Fr0st for Mac alpha

We have fr0st for mac alpha. Fr0st is a flam3 editor by Vitor Bosshard, thanks to Daniel Svoboda for getting the mac version started (see the fr0st blog). To run it unzip, open a terminal and "cd" into the folder, then run "./".

It's really fast and promising, but there are a couple of bugs. Is there a wx/python/mac programmer looking for a little work and is into flames? Please email me.

Here's the changelog:
- added fr0stlib/pyflam3/mac_dlls folder and filled it with Mac libraries
- changed fr0stlib/pyflam3/ to add the search for Mac libflam3 libraries (sys.platform == 'darwin')
- added which launch the correctly on Mac

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May 18, 2011

upcoming shows

Tomorrow evening in San Francisco, my work will be projected at a private preview of ArtPadSF, the new boutique art fair covered by the NYTimes. It's a benefit for the Black Rock Arts Foundation, see their site to see the list of participants and to buy your ticket.

And Friday in Brooklyn I'll be performing live with Greg Barris' Heart of Darkness Union Hall. We'll have live music, story telling, shenanigans, and an appearance by the creators of Jim the Movie. We got a "Critic's Pick" from Time Out New York.

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May 06, 2011

Show opening 5/13 and other news

Here's our latest newsletter (sign up with the form on the left).

Dear Friends,

Lots going on these days. First, mark your calendars. My solo show at the Devotion Gallery in Williamsburg Brooklyn is opening Friday May 13th with a reception 7-9pm. For more details, see This show will feature ready-to-hang software art, previews of our mobile apps, and works from outside the Electric Sheep. Hope to see you there!

We've been busy working on a commission for the Adler Planetarium in Chicago which will premiere July 6th. It consists of an installation in the entrance hall as well as projections in the dome at the highest resolution we've ever rendered.

Other fun news? Last year, Google projected my art in the MoMA atrium at their New York holiday party (see below). I did a collaboration with a jazz-rock pianist at the Chelsea Art Museum (watch the video). This spring, we had 144 T-shirts made with an all-over Electric Sheep print, emailed the user list, and all but sold out overnight.

Two weeks ago I was thrilled to discover that Paul Simon's new album cover features an image made with the Flame algorithm, which I invented and open sourced in 1992. Stephen Hawking's most recent book "The Grand Design" also featured a Flame on its cover. The decision to freely distribute the algorithm has done much to increase the spread of my art.

The group that my wife Isabel and I started in 2009, Leaders in Software and Art, is still going strong. Every month we invite four artists to present to an audience of artists, curators, gallerists, and collectors. Learn more at

Best, -Spot

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