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July 24, 2012

Vida Interview

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July 20, 2012

Electric Sheep for Android wins ZKM App Art Award

I am pleased to report the Electric Sheep for Android has won a ZKM App Art Award for "Cloud Art". I was just in Germany for the award ceremony (see 1:11:30 in the video). ZKM is an amazing and huge institution and I was truly honored to be there. Thank you to the judges and sponsors.

We have gotten some good press in Germany I did 3 for radio and 2 for tv. Here's an article in Spiegel Online and on the air by DW.

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Interactive Video for Skrillex etc

I made the interactive video website for the Full Flex Express, a group of bands on a train-tour across Canada. Skrillex, Pretty Lights, Diplo, Grimes, Koan Sound, and Tokimonsta are all in the mix. The software is based on the Video Riot that I made some time ago and released as open source. It implements video feedback in WebGL using the shading language.
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July 15, 2012

Interview in Art in Odd Places Blog

Art in Odd Places blog just published a nice interview of me. These aren't the usual canned questions but some really probing conversation. Plus they sprinkled it with a bunch of sheep images of their own choosing (and they chose well).
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