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September 30, 2004

EvoMUSART 2005

I'm on the committe for EvoMUSART 2005 March 30 - April 1 2005 in Lausanne, Switzerland.
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My friend Ian has written & recorded a wonderful song: (Didn't Know I Was) UnAmerican. The video raises to the occasion. My eyes are moist.
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Preview of Sheep Animations

Two galleries of stills from high-resolution sheep animations destined for future releases.
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September 27, 2004

Bomb still kicking

I just got this email from VJ Yetimon in New Zealand:
Gidday Scott! I've been a big fan of Bomb for several years, and your software was one of the first VJ apps I used when I started doing parties. One of the things I love about Bomb is that it is simple enough for anyone to use, and to that end I've built an interface out of arcade machine buttons hardwired into an old keyboard. I'll often put this in the chill space and encourge the punters to have a play.

Here are some pics of the last gig I did - a very good psytrance party in a tattoo muesum (quite a stunningly good venue for psytrance!) page one page two

I also mixed a set using Electric Sheep movies, converted to play in Resolume. Again, quite a perfect match for the music.

Keep up the fantastic work Scott!

Thanks Hamish!
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September 25, 2004

speaking in vancouver

A last-minute announcement of two events in Vancouver:

First on Sunday at 8pm at the Intermission Artists Society at 1009 E.Cordova Street I will give a lecture/demo on SPOTWORKS.

Then on Monday at 5:15pm-6:15 in room 1001 of the FSC (Forest Sciences Centre), right next to the CICSR computer science building of UBC I will lecture on Electric Sheep. The local chapter of siggraph is sponsoring this as well and they made a nice web page.

Thanks to my hosts Steve Calvert and Tamara Munzner.

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September 22, 2004

Sheep coming to MOOV network

MOOV is a "a non-narrative high-definition network on Voom", a cable and satellite tv network. I have rendered some sheep animations at 1080p and delivered them to MOOV for broadcast, MTV-style. When I get more details about when and where it will be shown I'll post them here.
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September 21, 2004

FLAM3 v1.15 released

v1.15 of the flame package has been released. Download the source code or binaries from the flame home page. This is a fixup release to v1.14, which introduced some major new features: many new palettes, two new variations, and variable bit-width buffers (16, 32, or 64). With 64-bit buffers you don't have to worry about batching and parameter tweeking so it's easier to get a quality image. Or you can turn it down to save memory and render at high resolution.
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September 20, 2004

The Mouse

I have this image of a mouse on the background of my home page. People sometimes wonder what it's about and there's actually an answer:

It's an "oncomouse". This is a breed of mouse that has been genetically engineered to get cancer very often. Naturally, they are used for cancer research. The genetic code is patented by DuPont and is the source of much controversy. I use the image on my home page not because I object to genetic engineering or to experiments with animals but because I object to the notion of owning a genetic sequence or lineage of creatures.

The mouse looks curious to me, like it is exploring. The mouse represents me (or all of us) of course and so it is both subject and object of life, the grand experiment.

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September 19, 2004

Tensor in the Evening

This photo was selected for the Burning Man Gallery. Here is my original at regular size (and click it for full size 1496x809). The subject is Frostbyte's LED Wall.
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September 16, 2004

Slam Bush

My friend Christine writes about this worthy event below. I'll be there with my video projector (but not doing the visuals, just loaning the gear):
I may have told you about a project I'm working on to help fund slam poetry
contests in battleground states. The goal of this project is to help
mobilize the hip-hop generation to swing this election. Each slam is
registering hundreds of first-time voters, many of whom are competing in a
competition that has them "debate" George Bush. We're mobilizing people who
normally don't vote in states that matter.

We're having a fundraiser party on Tuesday night, and it should be amazing.
If you care about the upcoming election, I hope you can make it -- and if
you can't, please consider supporting the cause by donating online.  And
please pass this along to as many people as possible!  (If you're interested
in volunteering for the event, let me know.)

- Christine

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch.
Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote!"  - Benjamin Franklin



Next Tuesday, come kick it in solidarity with Hip Hop headz across the
country at an amazing night of HIP HOP v. BUSH to benefit The Slam Bush
National Rhyme Contest.

    Tuesday, September 21, 2004
    111 Minna Street Gallery
    8PM - midnight
    $20 suggested donation

Bay Area turntable legends DJ NAMANE(Local 1200) and DJ FUNKLOR(Spearhead)
will be pumping the dopest jams on earth, while spoken word legends MARC
BAMUTHI JOSEPH (Def Poetry Jam), DREW DELLINGER (Poets for Global Justice),
LEX LUTHER and some other special guests will be dropping their
politically-charged rhymes.

On the big screen will be the famed Wordsworth v. Bush Presidential Debate
video and highlights from Slam Bush events across the country.

Frustrated that your vote in Cali "doesn't count" in the 2004 election?
Your donation supports SLAM POETRY CONTESTS IN SWING STATES -- a fresh way
to reach people who don't normally vote in battleground states that matter.

This is a national movement, y'all!!!!  Slam Bush is not just going to swing
FORCE to be reckoned with, now and in years to come.  Read more about this
groundbreaking campaign at

There has never been a more critical time to get involved.  If you can't
make it on Tuesday, help Slam Bush bring regime change to the U.S. by making
a donation online at


The Slam Bush Team
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September 15, 2004


The latest from Jared Tarbell. Wow.
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September 11, 2004

Provost Emeritus

We are all very proud of my grandfather:

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burning man pix

no explanation or captions yet...
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September 10, 2004

Molecular Expressions

The Molecular Expressions site is loaded with beautiful photo-micro-graphs, including movies of crystals formation and dissolution.
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LUME is oriented towards architectural lighting rather than clothing. Luminex was in evidence at Burning Man this year and it's nice to see competition and diversity.
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September 09, 2004

back from the burn

a polaroid of tamara and me taken on the temple at sunrise. full gallery coming...
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September 02, 2004


hola de la playa azule
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