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September 28, 2007

Oakland cop beats, tasers, then kills.

A tragedy in Oakland. My friend Brad sent the following letter to several newspapers:
Oakland Police: To protect and serve, or to kill?

Gary King, Jr. was murdered on September 20th by Sergeant Pat Gonzales of the Oakland Police Department. According to eyewitnesses, after having complied with an order to approach Gonzales' cruiser, Gary was attacked by Gonzales. Gary attempted to disengage himself from the altercation, but Gonzales beat, stripped, and repeatedly tasered Gary. Gonzales then released Gary, disoriented, hurting, and scared, and pumped two bullets into Gary's back as he fled.

Police claim that a pistol was found in Gary's possession. Whether or not Gary had a pistol, however, is irrelevant — none of the witnesses saw Gary draw a pistol. Gonzales was the only police officer on the scene until after he shot Gary and no witnesses are corroborating his story.

King’s death is not an isolated incident: in 2006, Gonzales shot and paralyzed 17-year-old Ameir Rollins, and in 2002, Gonzales shot and killed 19-year-old Joshua Russell.

Police Chief Tucker acknowledged the abnormality of an officer shooting so many suspects, but isn't questioning Gonzales' claim, universally refuted by witnesses, that Gary was drawing a weapon. OPD wants to protect their own, but Gonzales belongs in prison. Justice must be served.

coverage in indybay, unfit to print, the berkeley daily planet, and KTVU. Can our attention be part of the solution?
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Erik on Paul

Erik Davis on Paul Addis parts one and two. By far the best analysis of the early burn from the endlessly eloquent Erik Davis. My opinion is it was an act of mad genius, perfectly illuminating our psyches in the darkness of the lunar eclipse. Yes he should go to jail. That would be the ultimate finale, and give the act the gravitas that it deserves. But not for very long, that would suck.

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September 17, 2007

VJ Performance at Harvest Arcanum

September 29, 2007
28thday presents
Harvest Arcanum


ARTIFAKT (Timecode, South Africa) - LIVE + DJ

OCELOT (Zaikadelic | Avatar | Dropout | Vertigo) - LIVE

ONNOMON (Soular, Philadelphia) - LIVE

LAURYN (Peak Records | 28thday, NYC)

sound by light-o-matic

Chill, dirty, and groovy breaks ++on the roof++ with our Freekfactory and Sub Swara cousins:

HAJ (Freekfactory | Sub Swara)

SPIRO (Freekfactory)

BLACKLIGHT (Freekfactory)

DHRUVA (Sub Swara)


sound by 28thday

Visuals by Spot (Spotworks |
Decor by James Vogel (

Grand Space
778 Bergen St
11pm - 6am or later

$22 presale | $30 door if available * attendance controlled

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September 14, 2007

Burning Man Pix

Wow, best burn ever. Again :)

There are two galleries, one with just the HiFiDreams projected onto the playa and people, and another with the whole experience.

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September 07, 2007

Electric Sheep in Boise Triennial

Electric Sheep will be exhibited in the Idaho Triennial at the Boise Art Museum September 1 – November 25, 2007 by BOCOLAB. Thanks guys! If you get any good pix of the opening pls post em here.
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