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June 29, 2008

More NVIDIA Flames?

Another flame (?) used by NVIDIA.

Previously (thanks Borphus for the tip).

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June 27, 2008

Ubuntu Packages

Thanks to Erik we now have packages for Electric Sheep and FLAM3. We have created a PPA (Personal Package Archive) on Launchpad. Once you configure your computer to include this PPA, you can install and update Electric Sheep automatically, like the rest of Ubuntu packages in the Synaptic Package Manager.

Just right click on the link to the script, and save it in your home directory. Then open up a terminal (under Applications/Accessories) and type the command "sudo" and press return, then type your root password. The script is very simple, it just adds our PPA to your sources.list, updates, and installs. It should automatically configure your screensaver, but you can also run it from the command line just by typing "electricsheep".

If you prefer to compile and install from source you can use another script, which should also be a guide to getting it to work with other Linux distros.

Once it's in, you can use "electricsheep-preferences" to configure it, including setting your nickname for credit on the server, and the video driver. If mplayer and your X server are properly configured then the default (blank) should work, but if not, anything you pass to "mplayer -vo" can be put here. Common values are "x11", "gl", and "xv".

Browse the new flock, in 800x600x160 mpeg4. It's at 1/10th quality until we have more users, then I'll crank it up.

Bug reports and compatibility issues most welcome, as well as success stories. Please comment below (or on the forum) if you try it and let us know what happens.


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June 23, 2008

Sheep on the Great Wall

Electric Sheep projected five stories tall in Oakland.
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Does the splash sequence on have a flame in it? I'm biased but what do you think?
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June 16, 2008

Art of Artificial Evolution Chapter Available

The chapter I wrote for the book The Art of Artificial Evolution published by Springer is now available for download as PDF.

The previous announcement.

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June 11, 2008

High Fidelity at Supernova

I'll be projecting Dreams in High Fidelity at the Supernova conference gala opening in San Francisco Mission Bay on Monday June 16th. Panasonic is kicking in two 5000 lumen HD projectors, and the cast should be stellar. Alas this is a private event but would love to see you if you can come.
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Electric Sheep in Digital Downton with Panasonic

Panasonic will be projecting the High Fidelity Electric Sheep in the Digital Downtown show at the World Financial Center, June 12-14 in New York.

If you are a fan of the screen-saver and would like the next level of experience, this would be a great opportunity.

Thanks Cindy Mathews, Anne Gattoni, and Wendy Walcott!

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