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November 22, 2009

Holiday Gift Email

Greetings Fans of the Electric Sheep.

First, our gift to you is a pre-release of new versions including support for dual monitors! Get it from

And then a chance for you to give a gift, to someone special or yourself. All proceeds go to keep the software free and open source.

- Our all-over-print shirts, a new line of art we launched this summer, have been selling briskly. We've noticed a phenomenon where a few weeks after someone receives one in a certain town, we get another order from that same town. Obviously once people see it, they want one for themselves! These t-shirts are like nothing you have ever seen before - unless of course you watch the Electric Sheep. Also available in two stunning women's styles. Please order by **Nov. 20** to ensure Christmas arrival. $88.

- Quality prints signed by the artist. You can be the proud giver (or owner!) of a collector's item print (limited edition of 4 for each design). Ranging from the impressionistic to the molecular, from the intergalactic to the embryonic, each choice is more mind-blowing than the next. Black or white backgrounds available. Arrives in a tube ready for framing. Please order by Dec. 15 to ensure Christmas arrival. $85 and up.

- Electric Sheep logo tees. Colorful menís, womenís and childrenís cotton tees and tank tops, plus a laptop sleeve, embossed with our logo in velvety flock fabric. $21.90.

- Golden Thistle greeting cards. Glossy 4" by 5 1/2" cards featuring the glorious Golden Thistle. Most people ask if this design began with an organic photo, of feathers or fur... nope! It's the solution to a mathematical equation, evolved by all of you. Cards arrive bundled, attractively tied with a bow. Matching envelopes show half the thistle on the back flap. Set of 6. Order by Dec. 15 to ensure Christmas arrival. $19. (website coming, email to order)

- Clade 1. Unless you've been to one of a few privately owned galleries in the US, you've never seen Sheep this perfect before. Created in true high-definition (1080p) in a limited edition of 50 with 44 remaining, these designer Blu-Ray disks are the cheapest way to get museum-quality Electric Sheep onto your flat-screen TV. You too can have what Google NYC bought for its founder's office. The signed, numbered disk arrives with a holographic seal of authenticity in an attractive package suitable for gifting without additional wrap. Requires a Blu-Ray player or Sony Playstation and your HDTV screen. Please order by Dec. 15 to ensure Christmas arrival. $900. (we also have demo Blu Rays for $90 on the same page)

Your Spotworks merchandise purchase helps support the Electric Sheep, a project that requires constant and expensive maintenance and development.

Thank you, -Spot

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November 19, 2009

We Have a Winner

Emre was the winner of our "Lost Sheep" contest, here's a picture of him receiving his prize, a signed and numbered limited edition print of my artwork made with the Electric Sheep.

For the Art in Odd Places show, we set up screens running Electric Sheep in various places along 14th St. Every once in a while a message would pop up, congratulating teh viewer on finding the "Lost Sheep" and giving them an address to enter to win a prize. Emre took some time from his busy day to enjoy a bit of abstract art, and this is his reward. Thanks Emre for your participation.

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November 14, 2009

Google Advertising Chrome with the Golden Thistle

Thrilled to see my artwork in action:
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